49. December 4, 2020 - One of my earliest remembered introductions to Greek conceptions of deity came in the form of some educational software --the source of which I do not know-- on an early Windows computer in the mid-90's. I remember Zeus in particular, because it used a nude statue of him (which I now know to be the Artemision Bronze) coupled with a play button that would activate a dramatized speech pontificating on how Hera scolded him for his many mortal infatuations. It was undoubtedly educational. (On another note, the identification of Zeus as the subject of the Artemision bronze is debatable, although it's backed by the most substantive evidence over alternatives like Poseidon and a deified athlete. Though it's frequently discussed, the last meaningful argument on the identity I can find comes from the 40's: Mylonas, George E. "The Bronze Statue from Artemision." American Journal of Archaeology 48, no. 2 (1944): 143-60. If you know of more recent writings on this topic, please inform.)

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