139. November 5, 2021 - You probably noticed that I'm hanging Kickstarter decorations and it's not even Thanksgiving yet. That's because although I love the webcomic format, and Theseus will continue to be posted here for free until its very end, I still want to make the series available in print. After doing a short run of prints for a local comic/toy con that went really well, I decided to up my game, find a printer who does hardback, sewn-bound copies and make it available to as many as I can. Volume 1 covers chapters 1-4 and has bonus comedy content not on the site. It's 148 pages in total. If you have enjoyed Theseus, please consider pledging for a copy. Three volumes are intended to complete the series, and I'm going to shoot for a year or so between each. Thanks for all of your support. The Kickstarter launches on Nov. 8.

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