135. October 22, 2021 - Several years ago, I was in Spain, wandering around Madrid with nothing left on my agenda before my flight the following morning. My Spanish is rather weak, so I avoided unnecessary conversations as a matter of habit. That day, however, I decided to see if I could go through the entire restaurant process without giving myself away as an English-speaker. It went quite well, through the ordering, and the first few followup questions, but eventually they asked a question I did not recognize and I was stuck. So I began screaming "RRAAAAAAARRRGGHHHHH" at the top of my lungs in a single, unbroken sound. Taken aback at first, they began to scream "RRAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGHH" with equal tenacity and the situation was pretty well worked out from there. That's where I got the script for this page.

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